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    I have been treating my chickens for coccidiosis for the last 3 weeks. I do not have a clue how they got it and I lost almost my entire original 8 chickens to it.....I only have 8 chickens and they free range almost every day even in winter. Everything I have read about treating cocci states keeping the coop clean. How clean?? I clean it thoroughly twice a year spring and fall and add fresh straw in between. These are chickens, they poop everywhere! Am I expected to clean the coop weekly/daily? They are, for all intents and purposes, only in the coop at night. If anyone has an answer to this dilema it would be much appreciated.[​IMG]
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    That's really strange, as adult chickens should have built up an immunity to cocci. As to how often you have to clean out your coop, that's down to how much it takes to keep it dry and not smelling like ammonia. Usually with deep litter (which is what it sounds like you're doing, a quick weekly raking to turn it all over along with some new bedding keeps everything in good shape.
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    It’s not keep the coop clean, it’s keep the coop dry. The cocci bug thrives in wet conditions. If poop builds up so thick it is wet, then you have an issue, but the key with cocci is to keep it dry. And change their water daily or at most ever other day. Totally dumping the water and putting in fresh every two days breaks the life cycle of the cocci bug too if it is living in dirty water. If they are free ranging and out of the coop most of the day then your coop is not likely to be the problem anyway. Still, keep it dry.

    Are they still showing signs after three weeks of treatment? What signs? That does not sound like cocci. How are you treating?

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