Clean duck eggs?


6 Years
Aug 6, 2013
Capac, Mi
So ducks seem to lay eggs wherever. My khaki campbell just started this week. 1 in the pool and 2 days later, 1 just outside the pool in a lil mud. Of course none in her straw house. lol How do I know what's safe and clean enuf to eat? How do I clean duck eggs, compared to my chicken eggs? My chicken eggs are always clean and I just pick up and put in fridge. Thanks for ur help!
I work at keeping a section of clean straw in the pen as well as their house-night-shelter.

There are just some eggs that need to be composted. If you see the duck lay the egg in the mud and pick it right up and wipe it off, I suspect it would be fine, but to be really cautious, just collect the ones that are laid in clean areas.

Most of ours are laid nice and clean. But sometimes at first the ducks are willy nilly with placement.

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