Cleaning and disinfecting an old coop


6 Years
May 24, 2016
Hi there, I am new to the chicken world, getting my first day old chicks tomorrow. I woke up in a panic, wondering if I've done everything right. I am using an existing coop and run whitch has not been cleaned or used in a long time. (Atleast 2 yrs or more) I am concerned about disease from previous chickens. I scraped and shoveled out as much old poop and wood chips that I could. Then took a 50/50 solution of water and vinager and sprayed down all walls floors and nests. Is this enough???... I am not keen on using bleach. Has anyone used puregreen24 as a disinfectant and your thoughts please?
I've owned chickens my whole life and I think that is plenty. I wouldn't worry too much. Most bacteria, parasites and viruses die out or move on after a couple of years. And the vinegar should get rid of any remaining bacteria or fungus. If its an old coop the only thing is easy access holes for cats and foxes.
I had to clean out an old coop. I have an avian disinfectant because I also have parrots and that was what I used but I agree. The vinegar should do it. Just clean it out and spray down and let it dry. Once it has dried well, paint it. White is best I think because anything yucky will show up down the mites. Of course it will end up poop splattered like mine. LOL If there are windows that can be opened, sun and air are good disinfectants.

My biggest problem with an old coop was securing it and closing up all holes and gaps. Once you get it cleaned and painted, inspect it for gaps that something could get in. It will be easier to find the problem areas now. Good luck. But I think you have it disinfected well enough too. :)

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