cleaning up after my chicks

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10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
I have outdoor animals that I keep outside. We have a nice backyard with grass, but we also have a large concrete patio. For some reason, our pets enjoy urinating on the patio instead of on the grass. I didn’t really care much until you could actually notice it on the concrete. Is it even possible to clean this up without professional help? If anyone has ever experienced this and knows what to do or a pet stain removerthat has worked please let me know!

p.s. my chicks have a coop, but we allow them to roam freely about as much as we can
When I had a Great Dane who peed in my concrete yard in the city years ago, we just poured some bleach on it, waited and then hosed down with a good steady stream of water. Try to use as little bleach as possible - it's not good for the grass.
If chicken poop is the problem, you could try Poop Off. We use it indoors, and it works great, even with dried on poop.

If it's dog or cat urine, you could try a 10 percent plain white vinegar solution (vinegar and water), and a scrub brush. Our male dog is always peeing on the side of things, and that's what I use. It gets rid of the smell, too.

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