Clear blob coming from hatching egg!


Apr 22, 2020
West coast North America
What is this!?
Awesome! Congrats! I'm glad he hatched ok.
“SHE” actually 🤞lol, hatched like a champ. I had one hatch like a champ, really quick zip but hadn’t fully absorbed its yolk sack and it popped. Very alert chick, so I put it in a short jar with natural anti-everything ointment and preparation-h smeared on a paper towel in the bottom of the jar put it back in the bator and it shrunk and is now a giant dried up belly button. It seems to be doing really well considering.
Very odd, never seen that before.
Is the chick moving?

Is this your first hatch @Nigel27 ?

Might think about assisting.
I’m quite torn when it comes to assisted hatching, I like to wait a long time unless it’s obviously shrink wrapped and vessels have receded. I’ve got a very healthy hen and rooster that I assisted last year. Really glad I did. I’ve also assisted hatch and wished I hadn’t

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