Clear mucas coming form vent

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    Mar 15, 2017
    So, one of our hens (red sexlink) has some clear think liquid coming from it's vent. Yesterday my husband went out and let them out to free range, all went out and were acting just fine. A little while later noticed one was in the coop in the laying box, didn't think anything of it, a while later, i was out there, no chicken in nest box, no new eggs. Fas forward a few hours, chicken back in next box. we picked her up and she had a LONG string of clear mucusy stuff coming from vent. my husband thought she was walking funny, i did not see it. So this morning we let the chickens out again, all seem fine pecking around... a few min later the chicken is back in coop all alone. Did and internal and felt no egg or shells, eating fine, does still have clear mucus coming from vent. Chickens are 1 year old almost.
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    It does sound like she may have possibly been egg bound, and laid a broken egg. It can be fairly common in new layers, but if it continues to happen, it might be a sign of internal laying. I would make sure they get a layer feed which contains more calcium, plus some free choice crushed oyster shell. For a couple of days, I would try giving her some extra calcium in calcium tanlets, Tums, or some crushed egg shells.

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