clear slime in beak, listliss. HElP.

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  1. alright i have a hen that hs been on the decline for a few days now. at first i wrote it off as dehydration because i had a chicken just like it a week ago that flew out of the pen and went all day without water... but this hen wasn't thirsty. it would jsut sit around.

    i placed it in a separate pen. and today finally added antibiotics to its water... the kind for respiratory bacteria....

    but i am clueless as to what it has. i assumed respiratory cos we have alot of wild birds around.

    my other hens are fine.

    when i gave the hen a few drops of the medicated water it did nothing... ok the fact that i know this hen is really really sick is because it is one of the flightyer ones and that i can walk up to it and knock it over with my toe and it does nothing sets alarms off.

    when it walks it staggers.

    i opened its beak to try and force a few drops in and there was theis cloudy liquid slime (like human phlegm) in its beak... its crop feels the same size as the day before not completely empty but less that a 1/4 cup of stuff in it.

    what is wrong with it? i feel bad that i just sits there all day with its eyes shut. she was a great egg layer.

    she is over a year old. i got her and a few other hens a few months ago from a friend wanting out of chickens .... the rest are fine.

    when it pooed this morning it was liquid. a little brownish green but really liquid.
  2. bump.... poor chicken needs help.....
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    I had one die like that. I found her in the morning, separated from the flock but would run off when I approched. and by evening she was worse and I could pick her up with out any resistance. She died about 20 minutes after separating her from the rest. I noticed, after she died, that the crop was bulged and squishy. I had no good answers here, except to be referred on how to post a question. I also had one wel wisher though, and that was appreciated.

    A 1/4 cup seems like a good amount given how much smaller they are than us. Did she eat any grass? Does she have access to granite (grit)? Sometimes fruits and veggies that have lots of fiber can impact a crop, especially if they do not have enough grit to grind up thier food.

    I hope this helps a bit. There is thread on how to free up the crop on this site.

    Take care!

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