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    Hello all!!! I have a few questions so since I'm from Pa I wanted to post here!
    I am planning on buying this coop from TSS! TSS advertised this coop will hold 6 chickens! The dimensions are 38.5wx72Lx48h! Only 18sq feet! Seems small for six! And no insulation! This also includes a run which sits below the coop!
    I tried uploading a photograph but I received an error message!
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    If I recall correctly, the internal space per bird should be 4 sq ft, and in the run 10 sq ft. As seems far too common, ready made coop manufacturers relish telling "pork pies" about how many chickens their structures house.

    If you make a few more posts, you should be able to upload the photo.

    If you have not done so already, take a look at the Coops section - you may get some other ideas. I'm fairly sure that buying a prefab garden shed, or having a local carpenter build a coop and run for you will work out cheaper and be more suitable.

    All the best

    BTW- I'd suggest moving your post to the "Coop and run" section.
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