Clever Dog


Sep 9, 2018
Manchester UK
I was at the shops when I walked in to a grocers and in the queue was a dog holding a shopping basket, at first I thought it was with the lady in front but she got served and walked out.
Then the shopkeeper bent down and took a shopping list from the bag, put the shopping in the bag and took the money from a purse that was also in the bag.
I asked the shopkeeper about it and he said it comes in a few times a week to get shopping for his master.
I was fascinated, then as I walked outside I saw the dog waiting by the bus stop, so I watched. It let one bus go by the number 42, then after a few minutes the 53 came and the dog got on, I quickly jumped on my self, I just had to watch.
The driver took the fair from the purse in the basket and the dog sat down, I asked the driver about the dog, he said it always gets on so all the drivers know what to do.
The bus passed about 5 or 6 stops then it got off, so I followed it.
It made it's way up the road then went down a garden path and put the basket down reached up and rang the bell with it's paw, a man came and opened the door.
I said to the man how clever his dog was, I couldn't help but follow it to see it's actions, the man replied, "Well he's not clever, that's the third time this week he has forgot his key."

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