Clicking sound when breathing?

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  1. I have a 2 day old blue cochin chick when handled makes a slight clicking noise on it's inhale breaths and will breath with it's mouth open. Is this a stress thing?
    The chick is drinking and has just tried food for the first time.
  2. Clicking usually means pneumonia. I had a silkie chick that I hatched last fall from some eggs I bought. She started clicking right after she popped out of the shell. Sadly she died almost a week later.
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    I think soMetimes it's a sign of respitory distress and sometimes it's nothing. Watch it closely and maybe give antibiotics.
  4. [​IMG] Is it contagious or could it just be from a rough hatch and fluid in the lungs or something? This little one had a rough hatch and ended up needing help. I had had 40 eggs set and of those I literally got 6 chicks, all of which needed help and 5 of which have died. I had over 16 fully formed, yolk absorbed dead chicks in shells that never pipped on their own. It was awful. This little one is the only one left and I am so attached to it, it's the most beautiful baby. It's the only one that tried to hatch on it's own but the membrane was like glue on it and it wasn't getting anywhere. They were way overdue too, this one started hatching on day 26!
    It is spunky and peeps alot and loudly. But I have other chicks in the house right now and I am scared to death now that it might be something contagious?
  5. I highly doubt it is contagious. Probably some fluid got left in the lungs during the hatch.
  6. Okay, I sure hope it's not.

    [​IMG] please make it little one.

    Anything I can do for it?

    I have lost two of the chicks today alone, one that had no use of it's legs and another with a nuero issue and it kept falling over... It's been a sad day.
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  7. Sorry. [​IMG]

    Just keep her warm, and see what happens. Maybe some V&E in her water.
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    I have a 2 week-old bantam that occasionally makes a tiny "tick" noise when breathing. She acts normal, eats and drinks well, and her droppings look totally normal, so I am guessing it is just "one of those things"? If she wasn't acting well, then I would be worried. She flew a foot when she was outdoors, several times today, so she has plenty of energy. [​IMG]

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