clipping beaks?

We had a batch of pullets done once when we bought them and I didn't see that it harmed them at all. I have actually been thinking about this lately and wondering if there is a way to do it yourself. I have one in a cage by herself right now healing because her "roomates" pecked her back end clear through the flesh. It was nasty looking and they wouldn't let up.
Tony K T, when our pullets were done (they were done by machine) their beaks never fully grew back. They still have a blunt edge on a few years later. Maybe it's the way it was cut?
You can use dog nail trimmers to cut them.
Chicks Galore,your birds beak was probably cut with a dewinging machine.It will not grow back when using them because it is cotterized,this burns the nerve so it will not grow back.By using dog nail trimmers it will grow back and you will have to cut it again and again.As long as you do not cut the nerve.
In N.H.,Tony.
How about figuring out who is the "pecker" and putting an anti-pick bit in her nose? Google for Decker's Never Pick Bits. Takes the 'mean' right out of the chicken!

Just make sure you feed pellets or crumbles (never mash) to birds with bits.

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