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    Howdy gang!

    Our 4 Plymouth Barred Rock hens are now 14 weeks old. They have a nice sized coop and run, but we enjoy having them free range in our suburban back yard as often as possible. However, now that they are getting bigger, they have invaded the back porch, which we thought was pretty neat to start with, but now they are eating every one of Mrs. Hodawg's flower pots on the porch. So we are planning on building a secondary fence, separate from their run, to give them a little free range time without letting them into the rest of the yard and back porch. I haven't decided yet how tall that I need to make the secondary fencing.

    So I have a couple of questions. And yes, I've searched the forum and get all kinds of confusing answers, so I'm just going to be annoying and ask again anyway.

    Is wing clipping effective? If so, up to what height can they jump without their flight wings? These will be full sized PBR's soon, so what should I expect an adult PBR hen to be able to hop up onto?

    Also, any good instructions/video's on how to clip their flight wings would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks y'all,
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    Your BR's will become heavier in time, wont fly too much due to their weight. If they do fly, it'll be about 6 inches off the ground...a funny sight to see. I have a smaller BR hen that can jump up 3 feet onto an old rocking chair out in the yard, the other two bigger hens about 2 feet. BTW; I NEVER trimmed my BR's wing my Hamburgs, that's a different story!

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    Good to know, dawg53! From one 'dawg to another, Thanks.

    Beers y'all,

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