Clipping wings - one or both?


5 Years
Aug 11, 2014
My Muscovy ducks free range in my backyard. I haven't had any issues until recently. They seem intent on perching on my neighbors 4 1/2 - 5ft privacy fence. I clipped one of their wings and that worked for a while, but now they are back up there. My neighbor has a dog and she is worried about her dog getting the ducks. Will clipping both wings possibly help or will that only make it easier for them? Some people say to clip both wings and some people say only one. I only clipped the first 10 primary feathers, if it continues to be a problem should I clip more feathers? Also it is my neighbors fence so I can't make any alterations.
Clip both wings, primary both sides. If this doesn't fix the problem you can cut or trim some of the secondary feathers again both sides. Scovies have super strong wings so that one untrimmed wing is probably giving enough power to get to the top of the fence.

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