I just can't get past how funny they look.
Oh wow....thanks

Oh come on I was joking. I had a picture in my mind of my 60 year old boss in shorts and leather clogs.

Clogging is a talent I could never master, and God saw fit to give me two left feet.
Darn, and I was gonna offer to trade.

video of you clogging with

video of me singing along with your aussie flash mob.

Course we wouldn't want the entire country of Australia poking out their ears.


We were definitely much more the third link!

Nevermind thats what I did for my elementary school talent show
To 'Sold' of course.. what other?
loved the steps to that song especially... and how I loved to travel so far in the sideways steps that I almost ran myself off the stage

Our team did a bit to 'Coco Jumbo' at the National clogging show in Atlanta way back in 98 or some such year. Probably a video of us in that... wherever such videos find themselves residing these days

La.... I dunno if I could ever dance in front of people like that at this advanced age of mine!

Danielle.... if you went with me so I didn't feel so silly... I could find myself going back to classes a few times a week
It would be good exercise!

The skirts mom used to sew up for us all! They were suitably bouncy.. usually out of shiny fabric!

We went to old folks homes.. baseball games... and a few parades. Ohhhh this one parade! We had trained up a nice bunch of little girls... and put them all in the parade, along with us slightly older girls... none of the adults had to do it

We were trying to dance facing the sides on a moving float! It kept stopping and starting.. and the only song the littles knew was "Grandmas Feather Bed"... or was it "Cotton Eyed Joe"? Pweeeeeease! I never wanted to hear that song again for my whole life after that!

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