Clorox smell in incubator - is it dangerous?

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  1. i know the best way to clean an incubator is to wash it in a dilute clorox solution, then dry in the sun. Unfortunately, no sun today. i washed out our hova bator Genesis so i could move some turkey and duck eggs over today for the 3-day lockdown. The incubator is fired up and at temp and humidity, but is still retaining a bit of the clorox smell. Adding to the complication is that i seem to have one duck egg and one turkey egg pipping in the other incubator. i need to get those and the other scheduled eggs out of the egg turner and into the Genesis for hatching (i still have eggs in that first incubator that need to stay there - staggered hatch, such a bear).

    So now i'm a little confounded. Is it okay that there is still a bit of a clorox smell in the Genesis incubator? Will that harm the hatching chicks? And then, i'm a bit concerned about moving pipping eggs. i mean, i have to do it, as they can't hatch out in an egg turner, knocking over all the other eggs that still need another week. Arg! Why are they pipping now???? Any advice appreciated.
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    Jun 15, 2008
    Chlorine fumes could kill chicks. Especially in such an enclosed and warm area. Vinegar will neutralize the smell but it then has to dry again.
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    Jun 14, 2009
    I'd leave it out in the sun after adding vinegar.
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    if it's not a strong chlorine smell I'd get those pipping moved and I would mist them before and after you move them. My experience is if they're a little early it's a good hatch.
  5. See, my husband said the chlorine smell was dangerous. i just dismantled it and took the foam pieces out to a teeny shred of sunlight in the back. Dang! It's been very sunny all week, now today it has been overcast and rainy.

    If that chlorine smell does not go away quickly, i will try the vinegar. i do want to move those eggs soon. i should have cleaned that incubator yesterday! *kicking self*
  6. Lotsapaints

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Paso Robles, CA
    use a blow dryer on it how strong was the bleach solution? I would just use the blow dryer and see how it smells they put bleach in city water enough that it upsets my tummy and that's sun here either we had rain
  7. i used like a 20% solution, then rinsed with antibacterial soap and rinsed again with hot water. The smell is not strong, but noticeable. i have a very sensitive nose. We are out of sun now, so need to bring the foam pieces back inside and try again. i'm happy to have pips already - one cayuga duck and a turkey. But concerned about 3 East indie duck eggs i'm trying to hatch for a friend. He said they are super hard to hatch and a lot of hope is hanging on these eggs.
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    20% is too much. 10% solution is the most effective without overdoing it. A little goes a long way...learned that in microbiology class [​IMG]
  9. Well, the eggs are in. There is still a slight clorox smell. i hope it is not too much and i've doomed this hatch. Both Cayuga eggs are pipping. Fingers crossed - and i will make sure i use less clorox and clean my bators on a sunny day!

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