CLOSED Easter Eggers - GA - $20 includes postage

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Jun 12, 2008
Kennesaw, GA
I have one dozen Easter Egger Eggs ready to ship tomorrow [Monday].

Easter Eggers [also called Ameraucana or Americana or Auracana mistakenly by many Hatcheries] are wonderful chickens!

Aside from the obvious “cool factor” that they lay green and blue eggs, they are also extremely bright, inquisitive, and personable chickens. Out of all of our breeds, these are the ones I enjoy the best.

Our Easter Egger flock consists of one EE Rooster [extremely gentle and very large size] and several standard hens: a blue wheaten Ameraucana, a blue Ameraucana, a red EE, and a blue EE. All of these girls lay a green egg or a light blue egg and our Rooster was hatched from a blue egg.

I also have one additional hen who is a beautiful blue [lavender almost] but who lays a pink egg [physically she looks very much like a pure bred Ameraucana except she has a single comb, not a rose comb]. She was hatched from a green egg and her chicks are all hatching out pretty blues. IF you want eggs from her, let me know at the end of auction and I’ll include some of hers. She has been “in demand” very much with most of my customers.

With our flock, I have paid particular attention to temperament. My chickens are all raised as pets and are handled very frequently by both myself and my young children. I do not tolerate a mean bird – at all.

Our rooster [pictured] is an excellent rooster with a VERY good temperament, he is protective of his hens, and he is quite active with them - I am getting 100% fertility on these eggs [My broodies and I hatch them out too, as well as selling them]. He also does not crow a lot – I don’t know if that trait will be handed down to his sons, but it can’t hurt.

The eggs I am getting from these chickens produce a lot of solid white chicks, white chicks with black Columbian markings, blue chicks, and some reddish gold chicks. So far all the chicks have had a full beard and muff just like the parents. They are extremely pretty chickens.

My birds are all unrelated and very healthy.

These are *very* beautiful EEs - not the "run of the mill" muddy colored ones many hatcheries have for sale. Whenever people visit my property, they try to talk me out of my EEs because they are such beautiful birds.

You can see more pictures of my Easter Eggers on my blog:

blue ameraucana and my blue wheaten ameraucana:

This one is my pink egg layer [IF you want her eggs]:

My Roo:
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Hi, I have a couple questions about your eggs...

1) Do you accept money order?
2) How much would you ask for 6+ eggs?
3) Can you please post a pic of your blue EE?
4) How do you ship your eggs?
5) Can you tell your hens eggs apart and would it be possible to get eggs from only your blue Am. and your blue EE?

Thanks, Amy
Hey Guys - these eggs are no longer for sale. I posted this thread a week ago and when I got no response, I sold the eggs elsewhere [didn't want them to go bad

I've since decided to get out of breeding altogether.

Sorry! I hope you do find some nice ones elsewhere, because EEs rock!

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