Closed nest boxes?


In the Brooder
Nov 17, 2015
So im getting ready to get some chicks for the new coop
have the opportunity to get some Rhode island whites?
thought i might want Rhode island reds ?
so am i NOT to let them use the nest boxes? and only the roosts?
supposed to be just about to be out of the brooder and they say they can be in the coop in a few weeks
ill have to get more information on there age next week but they will also go from 3.75 apiece to 5 buks when they are able to be out of the brooder?

but this nest box thing ?
the back of my cop faces the west and the run is in the front where the door is faces east.
am i gunna be doing this right or should i move it ?

RIW ?? or should i wait for the RIR?
are they RIW good in HEAT?
I would definitely block nesting boxes. They need to get used to using the roost at night. Having to clean poop out of the nesting boxes every morning can be a pain. And make sure that your roosts are higher than your nesting boxes.

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