clothing for chickens???


9 Years
Jan 28, 2010
Central Maine
Any idea where I can get clothing for a chicken????????????
I/we have a spoiled chicken (hen) that wants back in the house, not with her own.

Any place around?

Thanx, Brian
I once had a hen that wouldn't keep a hen saddle/apron on. I bought a newborn sized dress on the clearance rack at walmart and altered it to fit her.

Otherwise, if you want to have fun with it and your chicken will tolerate it, why not shop for the clothes they make for small, yippy dogs?
Daddy Sour, now surely you remember when my dark brahma hen had to wear a dress because she wouldn't keep a saddle on? 'Course that dress was just a temporary fix while I struggled to alter her saddle to fit in such a way that she couldn't get it off.

Two of my younger hens lived in the house for warmth till they feathered out in early summer. They tried several times to follow me back into the house on my way in.
How can you make shirts cheaply for chickens? One of my hens got a patch of feathers ripped out by a young puppy (who is grounded now) and I'm worried that she will get picked by the other ladies in the flock or get sunburnt. I thought I could use a sock or panty hose but I wasn't sure if that would be to restricting. If anyone has been in a similar situation or knows how to make a chicken shirt I would really appreciate it!!

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