clucking; hello all the way from the UK

Runt Of The Litter

8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
hello everyone!
am a new member to the forum but have had a lot of help out of the non forum side of BYC over time.

am twenty seven,live in cheshire,but staying in manchester with parents till tuesday,on a 'holiday'.

and thank lord almighty,am not from 'normal' society which is more impaired than anyone
am owner to severe classic autism [not traditionaly low functioning,as most associate] ,global/multiple learning disability,epilepsy,cognitive effects of post brain injury [due to head banging],profound hyperacusis and tinnitus [both triggered by brain injury].
am living in a residential centre for youngsters or adults on the severe or profound spectrums of autism,we have our own pet chickens on site and more on our farm,we unfortunately lost one of our girls
to illness though [in the past few weeks],we lost more to a fox despite them all being in a fairly secure egloo hutch/run but it was cub season and our area does have a 'problem' with foxes.

am a huge fan of animals,even when was a toddler they were the only beings that was able to recognise and connect with; humans were part of the background and had no meaning.
now days am a complete convert to chucks,never had them when younger but because we have them at our place have gotten to know just how loving and dog/cat like they can be.
ours are ex battery so came to us like ferrals due to their awful past but they are now beautiful friendly little girls.
this is a photo of henny and squeaks:
squeaks we have lost to illness.

am moving to a new place within a year,and have been allowed to get some pet chickens of own,looking forward to that a lot.

if have not guessed from this yet,animals are a big big interest,have got a cat at the farm called lottie,and several cats at mums home called biscuit,goldie and tom tom.
other interests are RDA horse riding [RDA=riding for the disabled association,based in uk]-mainly bareback dressage and jumping as cannot tolerate proper saddles or stirrups,computer stuff: hacking [to help companies,website developers etc not immoral blackhat hacking],programming [.NET],helping people out with computer problems,getting outside-this only happens once a week in residential care as our borough does not fund the extra funding for it,animal photography...
and another big interest-the niece,orla-she is only six months old if remember what sister said,correctly;love spoiling her.

hope have not waffled on to much,an unfortunate tendency that have got online.


8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Snyder County, PA
from the Finger Lakes of New York! Sounds like you have a nice setup. Sorry about your loss. Foxes can be nasty like that. So glad to have you in the flock!


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