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May 25, 2012
We just started raising chickens earlier this year and have 7 gals we use for laying. Next spring we want to hatch some fertilized eggs either with an incubator or a broody hen. We know they won't all be pullets and we are absolutely not interested in having any Roos. We plan on eating the males and keeping a few females. So my question is, out of these blue breeds which would be the best dual purpose for eating? I'm sure you can eat just about anything but if you have had experience with any of these breeds I would love to hear your opinion. Also what age is best for slaughter? Thanks in advance for any advice!
Blue Andalusian
Blue Orpington
Blue Splash Marans
Blue Copper Marans
Blue Hamburg
Lavender Orpington (self blue)
Blue Ameraucana
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
The Marans, Orpingtons, & Wyandotte are likely to be your best bets of the breeds listed.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you state you are "absolutely not interested in having any Roos." Do you have a rooster now? If not, I'm curious how you plan to get fertilized eggs? Again, trying my best not to offend with this question, but are you aware that you will need at least one roo to get baby chickens?
Orpingtons will be the largest. Wyandotte and Orps are better layers than Marans. Marans give you that dark (chocolate) egg. And Orpingtons are extremely friendly, even the roosters if that's ever an option.

I'd go Orpingtons of the ones listed.
Y'know, it's only just occurred to me that you are probably talking about ordering hatching eggs. I feel incredibly sheepish. I do apologise, and hope I can remove my foot from my mouth. I blame Mama brain.
Haha, that is okay, my second kido is only 6 weeks old so I have major momma brain! But yes I do know it takes a Roo to have fertile eggs. I will be purchasing them.
I know I should use a local breeder but I am having a hard time finding any that are selling eggs. MPC offers fertile hatching eggs by 3 or by the dozen and I thought it would be a fun project for the kids. We currently have 2 EEs, A barred and a partridge plymouth rock, a Buff O, a Speckled Sussex and a Delaware. The Deleware is mean as sin and the Buff O and the Barred Rock are our sweetest gals.I just thought adding a Blue breed would be a nice addition. I was not so sure about the meat though. I know some carcasses are "less attractive" than others. But I didn't know if it made a difference on the meat by breed? Like I said I am clueless when it comes to meat birds.
Orpingtons will be the largest. Wyandotte and Orps are better layers than Marans. Marans give you that dark (chocolate) egg. And Orpingtons are extremely friendly, even the roosters if that's ever an option.

I'd go Orpingtons of the ones listed.
Thanks for your advice. So the Orps sounds like a perfect option. I liked the idea of the dark eggs, which is why I was thinking about the Marans. Would they be good meat birds? They look quite a bit smaller. We are wanted to try 2-3 breeds when hatching.
I had a marans roo that we grew and ate. he was very tasty. They aren't going to get a big as the Orphington but they will get to size faster. at 24 weeks he dressed out at 3.6 pounds. We kept him that long to fertilize things but he ended up being too loud. I don't know his weight earlier but he was really tasty and could probably have been processed several weeks earlier and still been 3 pounds.
I think the orpingtons take longer to reach full size. If your want growth quicker, ie dealing with roosters for less amount of time, go with they wyandottes or marans.

If you search the meat bird section for user name booker81, a long time ago she showed pics of some wyandotte rooster carcasses and they looked like dinner to me!
Don't forget to check out the hatching eggs for sale here on BYC. Availability of eggs might be a deciding factor too. Personality wise Orps are very close to Plymouth Rocks which you seem to like. I'm partial to the Rocks too and they do come in Blue variety though not usually available until spring here on BYC.

We butchered our Orpinton mix cockerels this year and they seemed to grow out just fine. Were larger than the pure Plymouth Rock cockerels.
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I actually looked on here last night and found someone with a website selling! I think I am going to use them over MPC! They seem to sell a bunch year around. I think I have decided on Blue laced red wyndonette and blue and lavender orphingtons and splash marans if they will sell me 3 eggs of each. I think from the info y'all have shared and from what all I have read the Wyandotte and orphingtons will be the best for both temperment eggs and meat! I just can't pass up the chance to get a chocolate egg layer with the Marans ;) Watch me get all Roos and no Pullets, but we are going for the experience here! Now the hard part is going to be waiting until next spring, haha! It's amazing how quickly you can become addicted to chicken raising! Thanks again everyone for the helpful advice!

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