CNN Seeking Live Guest on #DIY Chicken Coop

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    Apr 5, 2012
    This Saturday, 4/7, we’re airing a segment on raising your own chickens/eggs.

    We’ve produced a piece in which my host (Fredricka Whitfield) visits an urban chicken coop here in Atlanta and we’re looking to interview a guest, live after airing the package. This would be a basic “how-to”/DIY interview:
    - How much does it cost?
    - How much space do you need?
    - What type of chicken(s)/hen(s) should an apartment dweller v. family in the suburbs be considering?
    - Why are the eggs better? Why the hassle?
    - The trend is clearly on the rise, but what’s the downside?
    - What cities are most favorable/unfavorable to home-raising chickens?

    Looking for a really dynamic guest for what should be great Easter weekend television. Any guidance on who I should talk to (perhaps you?!) is much appreciated! Please e-mail me: [email protected]

    Melissa Giaimo
    Editorial Producer, CNN


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