1. Hi All,

    Vorwerx chicks are approximately 20 weeks. They're in a run with a number of other chickens. When they were about 12 weeks we had cocci go though all the chicks - they were in a separate run then. The ones that got sick died.

    They have been in the main run for about 4 weeks with no incidence. They haven't had any issues with being bullied and are still eating and drinking but they have gone into the classic cocci decline of dropping wings, looking sleepy and then dying. They are the only breed that seem to be affected. We've lost 3 out of 7 so far and the others don't look great.

    I'm overseas at the moment with my inlaws watching the chilckens so not much I can do from here.

    Thanks, Hel
  2. Notaneggspurt

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    May 17, 2016
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    I am so sorry to hear this! Can the in-laws send you any pictures to post? Did you get them all from the same place/breeder?
  3. Cragg Klefor

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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Did you try treat for the cocci? Did you get a definite diagnosis or are you just assuming that is what it was?
    Cocci and coccidiosis are not the same thing - just in case you mean coccidiosis?
    Any bloody stools? If it is coccidioisis, they need treatment as soon as possible. 24 hrs can kill a chick with coccidiosis. You need corid (or the alternative where you live) started straight away to save any chickens with coccidiosis.
    I have no information on Cocci, but I know others here do.
  4. Ah I DID mean coccidiosis. People talk about coccivet so I assumed it was the same thing. In laws haven’t mentioned bloody stools but the coop is large. I’ll ask them to check now they’ve been relocated to the hospital run. I’ll see if they can get some corid. It’s a country town (that we had just moved to) so I’m not sure what the options are. If they had lived through other chicks in their much smaller run getting coccidiosis without getting it I assumed they would now be immune- I guess this isn’t the case?
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  5. I’ve asked for a picture. All my chickens are from different breeders but these chicks are from the same breeder. It’s been his birds in particular that have ended up getting sick in retrospect.
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  6. Cragg Klefor

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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Unfortunately not necessarily.. There are different strains of coccidiosis. And people refer to coccidiosis as cocci all the time (although they are not the same thing) so I just wanted to clarify which one you feel you are dealing with.
    Bloody stools is a real telltale sign, but not always present - just nearly always.
    Where are you located? Then we can tell you which medicine you should be able to get if not corid.
  7. Currently on holiday in Bali

    But the chicks are in south west of Western Australia.
  8. Texas Kiki

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    Amprolium...can your in-laws pick some up today?
    The earlier the better.
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  9. Eggcessive

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    Either amprollium or coccivet (amprollium plus ethopabate) are good to buy in AU. The birds could be dehydrated as well, so make sure they are all drinking well. Dawg53 sometimes recommends buttermilk with a small amount of cooked rice for diarrhea which will deliver some probiotics.
  10. dawg53

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    Buttermilk will also slow the cocci infection until meds can be given.
    If they were given amprolium for the initial treatment, I wouldnt use it again. I recommend a sulfa drug such as sulfadimethoxine or other sulfa drug for poultry.

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