Cocci? Or the result of Watermelon? Advice needed!

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  1. nhichak

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    May 27, 2014
    Hi all - I have (5) chicks who are about 10 weeks old right now. I gave them a nice chunk of watermelon today, and of course they devoured it. A couple hours later I went to check on them and saw a few droppings of poop that looked like this. Needless to say it took me by surprise. I have fed my older hens watermelon before and it just turns their poop a brownish/pinkish/reddish color but this is the first time I have seen this.

    Do you think this is a result of watermelon or is this cocci? The droppings did not seem bloody - it honestly almost seems like someone just ate a TON of watermelon and not much regular food and it's coming right back out (sorry if TMI, but let's be real here...we're talking about chicken poop).

    They have all seemed healthy and energetic, eating fine, etc. There is one who has had her eyes closed on and off as of late but is acting and eating fine otherwise. I've been keeping an eye on her but today is the first day this kind of poop appeared, same day as watermelon.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Allkindsofkinds

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    Likely just the watermelon, give it a couple days to clear up, and keep red colored treats to a minimum for a while.

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