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Apr 28, 2010
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I have obtained chicks that had cocci and have been treated and are recovering if not already fully recovered. Can they ever be with my current flock? Will they possibly give my adults as well as chicks cocci?
My flock has never had cocci and I have no idea if they would be immune or not or if even these little guys were treated and recovered can they transmit the cocci to my existing flock when it is time to have the chicks with the flock???
OK Great!!! Thank you!
Never mix adult birds and small birds.. YES they will give your birds cocci...
So they can never be with my current flock ever?

Do you say not to mix chicks and adult birds because of the adults possibly picking on them or are there any other reasons?
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Anyone else? I got 2 different answers and I need to know what to do with these little ones when the time comes to introductions??? Can they be with my current flock or will I run the risk of having them get the cocci and possibly killing my entire flock?
The chicks are recovered, normal poos and really were doing well when I got them. I currently have them in the house but need to get them out soon because they are getting antsy and need more room. I am not sure at this point to do a set up in the coop or a totally separate area away from my flock.
I have converted a large stall in the barn for the main coop and it is definitely large enough to do a youngster set up in the coop and have the rest of the flock get used to them. They are 7 weeks old now.

Yes you can put the new chickens with your other chickens when the chicks are older. If the cocci is cleared up they will not give it to the existing flock. I usually integrate around 5 months old. There are lots of things adult chickens may be immune to that they can give your baby chicks. Also adult chickens can kill babies by picking on them. I believe that is what they are saying when they say never put chicks with adults.

Put organic apple cidar vinegar 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water in your chicks water for at least a week or two. It will help with cocci and help them not to get it again. This has been a bad year for cocci due to the wet weather and you can expect it in places it has never been before.

Always quarantine new birds for 30 days minimum. Put ACV in their water and vitamins and electrolytes.

Thanks alot! I am going to rig up like a coop within the coop then. This will allow the older ones to see and hear them but not get at them. I just wasn't sure if they needed separated forever.

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