Cocci Recovery time help??

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    Jul 17, 2015
    Yesterday I noticed bloody poop in my 4 week old chicks living space. I hadn't noticed it before and it seemed to progress and get a lot worse by the end of the day. None of the chicks seemed lethargic and they were all eating and drinking. I borrowed some corid from a friend and treated the flock, watching them until about 3am and I saw a lot less bloody droppings and a lot more normal.. However, the corid is expired, but I figured it was better than nothing since the store was not open so late. This morning I noticed a mix of normal droppings, but also several bloody as well, and I was wondering how long it usually takes to eliminate the bloody droppings after treatment.. The corid expired August 28 2015, so should I run to tractor supply and get some new or another medication ? I've never had this happen with any of my chickens over the years and am terribly worried, so please let me know!
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    I would use that Corid since it is not that old. Especially if it isn't clumped if it is the powder. You may have caught the outbreak in time to prevent more symptoms. I have never had coccidiosis in my flock, but my guess is that the blood clears up within a few days. The thing to look for is any weakness, lethargy, or any not drinking, since that would be a sign of serious illness. If you have any doubts about the expired Corid, indeed, go and get some new. I would get the liquid, since it may last longer. Then you can share it if need be. After finishing Corid for 5 days, make sure they receive some plain yogurt for probiotics, and some chick vitamins for a few days.

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