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Jun 17, 2009
I've never seen cocci. Bear with me please. I washed the birds that had mites. They are about 4-5 months old. I have had them a couple of months. They have been in a big cage in my garage. I still see some mites but that is another post. grrrr

I taped her crest up so she could see better. She has been a little huddled and kinda chirping. When I did her crest up she started eating like crazy. I gave them strawberry yogurt today. They also had crumbles mixed with warm water and I broke up a little piece of childrens vitamin and put that in with the food. They both ate it. I let them run around the bathroom just to see what they would do. I walked in there and there was poo on the floor with gooey red stuff in it. Really gooey like stringy red stuff. As I watched her she had another poo..the same..then a big poo that was all runny. Could this be cocci or the strawberry yogurt. It really wasn't very much yogurt. I don't use medicated starter. In 7 years of having chickens I only used it once..never had cocci..but the year I used it I lost birds.
If it is cocci I need amproleum or sulmet at what dose? Does that go in the water? How can a bird get cocci after a month of being here? These birds were shipped and the pullet was always kinda blah but alot of times silkies with big crests are like that.
Please advise. I really don't want to lose these little guys.
It could be the baby vitamins or it could be the strawberry yogurt. Discontinue the vitamins for a day and no more yogurt and then see what the poops look like.

When you taped up her crest she could see better and obviously was very hungry. She might have eaten too much too fast and it upset her system.

Please treat the mites with poultry dust. Dust the little guys and dust their roosts and any other wooden structures in their cage. Remove the old litter, dust the floor with the poultry dust and replace with new bedding. Mites are terrible monsters.....they can actually suck the life out of your chicks. That might be why one was a little huddled. She might be anemic from the mites.

P.S. Being in the garage is nice but make sure they get sunshine too. The sun actually provides vitamins and has health benefits.
She is fine today. Quite chirpy. I do put them out on the grass on nice days. I also open the door and pull them into the sun. I keep half the cage covered so they don't get too hot.
I did treat the mites. I bathed them and sprayed them and used epinex. I sprayed with poultry spray also. (I mean the birds and the environment)
I still saw mites though and I am really distressed. I posted about that in another post. I seperated the pullet and the cockeral.
I had forgotten what a pain these thing are. I actually put olive oil in their crests mixed with adams spray. It made a mess but it kinda make their crests spiky so I can see at a glance what is going on in there. I'll just keep at it until the mites are gone. I hate those things.

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