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  1. Mudsow

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    Aug 6, 2009
    Is coccidia transfered thru egg to chicks?
    I have 2 chicks, in the house in a brooder. 2 weeks old. They are not no medicated feed. Should I worry about coccidia, even if they have no other contact with chickens? I have no others. Just the two indoors. I got them from a hatchery as day olds.

    Just wondering, since I noticed today their poop was a bit loose. I also gave them some loose bits of alfalfa hay (the stuff at the bottom of my guinea pig bag) and they did seem to eat quite a bit of that, so for now, I'm hoping that's the culprit. I'm giving them only starter tomorrow. ;-)

    Just curious if it is only contracted through an infected bird, dirt, picking in the chicken coop area. Mine have done none of this. Nor have been in contact with anyone other than each other.
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    No. It is an organism (protozoa??? I forget) that lives in the soil.

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