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    Jun 4, 2014
    Ive treated some chicks that I was given for coccidia. Will their offspring also need treated or will they have a built in immunity? If they need to be vaccinated, can I use the same product (corrid) to give day old chicks ,, and if so,, how much would I give them.

    I have also heard that ridding the coop of coccidia forever is costly and difficult.... will every chicken I get from now on need to be treated?

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    Coccidiosis does not travel from mother to baby, so no, you won't necessarily have to vaccinate the hens babies. However, if you're breeding for increased immunity to the disease, you wouldn't want to hatch chicks from those that have fallen sick in the past.
    Coccidiosis is everywhere. So in that respect, no, you cannot completely rid any coop from it. It's all about the ability of the chicken to withstand the cocci. They are more likely to fall sick if there are higher numbers of the protozoa, and if conditions are right for the disease to grow. Therefore, cleanliness and low stress are important to help prevent chicks from getting sick. If the condition keeps flaring up, you may want to feed a medicated chick starter from day 1. Good luck with your chicks :)

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