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Oct 16, 2018
hi there!
I’m fairly new to raising chickens, we received our first girls in April they are now 6 months old. We never had any issues (bought from my pet chicken). We just picked up 9 new babies from TSC about a month ago - some are older than others but my guess is 5-8 weeks on all of them.

One was found pooping blood this morning and with a quick search I’m guessing Coccidiosis. I bought Corid and am dosing that chicken and about to dose the rest of the babies.

My questions
1) do I have the correct dosage of 2 tsp of the liquid per gallon? For 5-7 days?
2) my big girls have no access to the babies pen, food, or water - do I need to treat them too? If so, do I have to discard their eggs and for how long?

Yes you have the correct dosage. Needs to be made fresh each day and only source of water with dry feed. If you feed a wet mash or ferment then they will not drink enough. You might also want to dose any particularly sick looking chicks with a couple of drops of the concentrated solution as they may not be eating and drinking enough for the medication to work.
I would not dose your older girls. Chickens develop resistance to coccidia as they get older and it is probably just because these birds are suddenly being exposed to coccidia in your soil/environment that they are developing problems in dealing with it and are becoming overrun
Your dose is correct. If they are slow to improve and bloody droppings persist, then follow the first weeks treatment with a second week at 1/2 tsp per gallon. You can also direct dose any bird with symptoms orally, IN ADDITION to the medicated water at .1ml of the undiluted Corid liquid per pound of weight, or .02ml per 100 grams of weight, once a day for up to three days.
Since the older birds have been kept separate you don't need to treat unless you were to see symptoms. Coccidia can be transfered on equipment and clothing going back and forth, but your older birds should have some resistance, unless the babies brought in a new strain with them. In the event you needed to treat them, there is no egg withdrawl for Corid, it's not an antibiotic.

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