Coccidosis or Cecal poop?

sunshine ducky

9 Years
Aug 7, 2012
Hello everyone, I am relatively new to chickens as I have been raising ducks originally. I noticed my Orpington pullet poops an occasional pasty brownish-yellow paste. All her other poops look perfectly normal with a white cap on top. This Orpington is 15 weeks and seems to be very healthy otherwise. She has a pinkish now turning to red comb, she is a chunky girl, eating and drinking regularly, and runs up to me whenever she sees me. I personally don’t see any symptoms of coccidosis besides the unusual poop. I know chickens have Cecal poop which can be mistaken for coccidosis. Here are the pictures below.

the majority of her poop looks like the white cap normal poop.But as you can see she dose poop out pudding like poop here and there. Thank you all for your help!


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