Cochin Chickens!

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Aug 14, 2011
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I'm thinking of adding some Cochin chickens to my flock. Please post pics!

Here's some questions I have.

#1 Are they good egg layers?

#2 Are they Friendly?

#3 How are they in the flock?

#4 Are they aggeresive?

Well, I'll give you a bump at least...

I have two cochins, but they're bantam frizzles, and just darling! One is very loving, the other is a bit more agressive, but shy towards me.

Here's a pic of one:


This is Little Diva! I also have her sister, Little Blackie, who is all black, and a tad bit smaller than her.....

I do think cochins are beautiful, and I have read that the large fowl cochins are fair layers of medium sized eggs.

Hope this helps!

Oh, you are more than welcome! Now, I babysat my friend's cochins, and they were large fowl, white cochins. They're just stunning! I think you'll love them.....Their feathered feet make them look like they're marching when they walk. They're just beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!
Cochins are the friendliest birds they follow me around, Fawn, a 3 month old comes to her name! I call her and she just comes running from wherever she's at! When my son's friends come over they are always amazed at how friendly they are!
My cochin bantams are big lap babies, and I adore them. They are now at laying age, but no eggs as of yet?! Fingers crossed for soon though, however, I don't think they are any better layers then a silkie is.

Worth having for the personalities though!

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