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Dec 24, 2010
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My full size fluffball 10 month old buff cochin has been laying fairly consistently for three months now. But she's still laying small, narrow, pullet-type eggs. I have a Welsummer who is the same age, and started laying at the same time, and her eggs were only like that for about two weeks, now her eggs are large. The other thing I've read is that cochins are considered not good egg layers, but this one has been laying 6 days a week. She seems healthy and does not have any particularly odd behaviors. Do cochins generally lay small eggs?
My cochin lays a medium size egg, just slightly smaller than my buff orpingtons. She is also a GREAT egg layer. I have been told by so many people that cochins only lay about 2 eggs a week, my mine lay about 5.
This is interesting because I just bought some standard Cochin eggs to hatch and they were MUCH smaller than some Marans eggs that came the same day. I was wondering if the seller just sent me not so perfect eggs they had laying around (it was a 24 hour auction for a variety of excess Cochin eggs) or if the Cochin eggs are just smaller and less regular than other chickens. I was also thinking how odd that such a bird bird hatches from an egg that seems to be smaller than others.

Any thoughts?


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