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8 Years
Oct 25, 2011
Philadelphia, TN
This is a 10 week old cochin bantam from TSC as a chick. What gender? She acts very hennish, stance, etc. Cochins are usually easy to sex but this one has had me guessing.

White cochin hens do have bright red combs and wattles but if they grow any taller and longer it will be a roo. Are the hackle feathers rounded or more pointed? Rounded = pullet Pointed=roo. :thumbsup
So, now I am wondering if my buff cochin is a boy or a girl...I had assumed he was a boy...but he looks a lot like the cochin above...could he actually be a girl??

White one....that is a lot of red for a cochin pullet at that age..yet, it looks girlie

Buff one...definitely roo...that face says it all :)
My cochin pullet - 30+ weeks. Just started laying.
So here's a picture of my other Buff Cochin...s/he's a little darker in color and the comb & waddles are still not as red as Reggie's. This one is the friendliest, most curious, follows me around, and cuddled with the OEGBs when they were little. He's a cockeral too, isn't he??? They are the only two cochins I have ever seen, so I don't have much to compare them too...both are 11 weeks old...

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