cochin hen behavior


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Oct 2, 2012
I recently purchased 2 cochin pullets. The lady i bought them from said that cochin hens will hatch whatever eggs you put under them. I was considering purchasing fertilized eggs of a different breed. Has anyone ever let a cochin hen hatch eggs that were not hers & raise chicks of a different breed of chicken or am was the lady mistaken. I would appreciate any advice because im not too familiar with the cochin breed. Thanks :)
It is my understanding that if your hen is broody she really doesn't know or care where the eggs came from. She will sit and hatch and raise anything.

I currently have a frizzled bantum cochin who is sitting on Trader Joe's fertilized eggs which will probably be some sort of leghorn hybrid. They are very clearly not her eggs as they are large and white and hers are small and brown. She does not care. I will let you know how it goes when they hatch but from what I have read it should go fine.

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