Cochin mixed with???????


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT
Okay...get a look at this guy. We got him and the 2 girls and another rooster all together from a 4-Her's mother. She said Cochin mixes, but the 2 roos look nothing alike! Pepper is the coolest looking one and Charlie is the other one. Pepper really doesn't like the camera. Charlie....quite a little ham.

Pepper and the 2 girls

Another view of Pepper and the girls

Charlie full side view

Charlie close up and personal head shot

FYI....someone said a Silkie Cochin cross? The girls remind me of Cochin. Thanks for the help!!
They both look Silkie/Cochin mix to me, just pepper has the odd comb and charlie does not. I had a rooster that was Silkie Cochin, he had 5 toes, was blue, had a normal comb and a weird spiked hairdo.
One more thing.....
....We do have a chick from Pepper and one of the girls. Seems to have the top of the beak (mostly black) that resembles a young Silkie with a little red coming in for wattles. She is all black with one little bit of white on one feather on one wing. She has the feathered legs and her legs are 2 toned. White on bottom and part of the top of feet with a grey blue color on the rest of feet up the leg. She has only 4 toes. She is the sweetest thing. She flies very well and likes to sit on my shoes.
I can even hold her on her back, pet her neck gently and she will close her eyes and almost go to sleep. I can get a few pics of her if you guys want, but right now I am on the laptop and the pictures are on the desktop. It's an interesting mix whatever they are. BTW......Charlie I thought maybe a birchen cochin with the white?
Right- Charlie looks very similar to a pure birchen cochin- except fore his little beard, and maybe he'd need a little more foot feathering and roundness. A lot of people cross cochins with d'uccles to introduce new colors like lavender and mille fleur.

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