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    I have a lovely, lovely breeding pair of adolescent Cochins (not bantams). The roo is black and the hen is blue. They're being amazingly gentle and helpful parents to all of my turkey babies but that's another story. Anyway, since getting these Cochins I've just been head over heels in love with them and the male is so magnificent that I've been thinking about showing. But now he's starting to show some red tips on his feathers. Is this normal, allowed for the standards or is he just a nice bird? You should see him protecting those newly hatched turkey babies under that massive feathering on his feet! Remember that he's not quite four months old in this pic. [​IMG]
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    they are beautiful!! I love my cochin's best (shh don't tell the others) But I don't have an answer to your question om feathering, all I know is my white is all white and my black is all black .
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    Thanks! See them protecting those little Midget White turkeys in the back? They're not even mature enough to have their own babies yet they are parenting these little turkeys. The Bourbon turkey in the front was their first baby when they were just about a month old.
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    They will be beautiful and you will love them! I only raise cochins (other than the one silkie my 4 year old had to have!). None of my blacks have any red in the feathers. I have never shown at all, but I would guess that wouldn't be good in showing. But, like I said, I have never shown my cochins. Maybe someone else can help you with that part. As far as them protecting your babies, they will protect and raise anything! They are wonderful!
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    Quote:Per the Standard, Red in the plumage of Barred, Black or Mottled varieties is a disqualification.

    While he won't be a show bird, I am sure you'll still enjoy him.
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    Thanks so much, maybe they'll have some babies who will be up to snuff.
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    Having bred and shown large blacks for many years I can say that I have had my share of large black cochins with red in the feathering. Since he is a youngster and has yet to molt to adult feathering it is likely that he will lose this red in his feathering. I have only had the red show up in pullets on occasion and they lose this red when they finish the final molt to be a brilliant beetle green. While I cannot say this will happen with your cockerel I can advise you to keep him until he is completely feathered out as an adult. If the red feathering persists then keep him as a pet but don't use him as a breeder.
    Best of wishes on your cochin endeavors.

    God bless,

    Bo Garrett
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