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May 30, 2020
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From: Southern NJ

I am curious to ask if you use the smooths from a frizzle mating?
or are you just breeding frizzle to frizzle?

the reason I ask is the feathers on the chicks look like they are narrow and tight
generally denoting frizzle to frizzle breeding

how long have you bred frizzles?

I bred frizzles Cochins for several Decades and always used my smooths from a frizzle roo to smooth frizzle females
a smooth is the straight feathered chickens that comes out of the frizzle to smooth matings

this helps promote wider frizzled feathers and does away with the extreme frizzles

give me a email and will tell you more on frizzles
I would love more information on breeding frizzles. My daughter has a couple frizzles and hopefully more ready to hatch in the next 3 days. My email is Any information you would share would be greatly appreciated.

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