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    Dec 16, 2008
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    I got 2 bantam frizzled cochins, both when they were around 6 mo old. One is pure cochin and the other isn't. She doesn't have as much feathering on her feet. The pure cochin bit us once after we'd had her about 2-3 weeks. The other one is mean all the time. If we're not quick she'll bite us when we reach in to give them water or food. My kids can't pick them up to put them back in the tractor when they've been free-ranging. They're extremely cute but not worth it if you can't hold them. None of our other breeds have ever bit us, and we've had 10 or more breeds. One or 2 will run (NEVER BITE!) from us but all the others will come to us and let us pick them up, even one of our roosters. The meanest one lays a decent size egg EVERY day. The pure one lays a tiny one every day so atleast they're laying. Is this weird for a cochin? It was disturbing to see the previous owner kicking and teasing the rooster. He was pretty aggressive, pure frizzled cochin, blind in one eye. I wonder if she was mean to the others also.
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    I have experience with standards not bantams but I think the previous owner is the problem. Ours are sweeties and I have briefly handled bantam cochins at a friends and the were also friendly. Nature vs. Nurture... Cochins are known for being very docile but if the were mistreated I'm sure that could be changed.
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    I've had only bantam Cochins, and the first two roosters I butchered for aggression were both bantam Cochins. I've had mixed results with the girls. The breed is known for being sweet, BUT if the breeder doesn't breed for temperament, it all goes out the window. I've seen it with other "docile" breeds as well. Don't count out the entire breed, but don't buy from that source again. [​IMG]

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