From my experience with bantam cochins.......yes. The females will feather out more evenly.....back, tail, wings chest. The males feather out much slower across the back, many times the back is the last place they will get feathers. By the time they are old enough to put on their first hard feathers many times the males will already develop some redness to the comb, that's always a good sign you have a boy.

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I have found that the pullets will feather out almost twice as fast in the main tail area they will get almost a full tail before the males will hardly start this is how mine is but on the rest of the body about the same I cant tell a difference but in the tail I can!
My female cochin didn't follow this rule...both her and my male feathered the same. Didn't know he was a he until he crowed
I thought this was true until about 6 of the birds that feathered out quickly with nice long tails started growing wattles and crowed! Do not depend on feather sexing!

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