CockADodo (not!!!)


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Hello all.
Thanks for having this site.
About Me. Old guy, retired military ,retired long haul truck driver ,and just tired!!
Was raised on small rock farm in Alabama , and always had a yard and house full of chickens ,pigs a cow and several goats and rabbits, got a picture some where of me riding our pet hog, rutter, a 500# brood sow!
due to the draft, yep I am that old, and my choices of employment over the years, tried many times to get back to the serenity of my youth.
Getting close now. Early spring out doing errands and passed local farm store here in southeast Idaho. sign said Chicks are here, so in I went then I caught the virus and well so forth and so on ect.
I bought 5 Cornish rock ( by mistake, wanted Cornish gamebird like in supermarket), 3 black sexlinked, 3 bared rock, and 3 red rock chicks (day old) oh and lets not forget the 2 ducks!!!!
then mad dash was on!!!!
no brooder no pen and wife trying to have me committed!!!
lost 2 of the Cornish?? about a week and one of the black sex linked but got a replacement for the black.
the noise and smell of the middle bedroom was getting the best of me and the wife, and we still had snow on the ground and 10 degree temperatures outside !
(WARNING: do not try brooding ducks in a cardboard box!!!) And the chicks were hop/flying at about 3 week mark!
well there's more to this tale but getting to long winded as it is .
only have 1 Cornish rock left and she is a cripple pathetic thing but she gives me an egg every other day,3black sex linked,2 red rock 2 bared rock and 2 hen ducks( who I am going to enter in the poop for distance completion this winter !!
where is my rooster?? where is my drake?? yep all hens the whole lot!!
the red rock and the bared look like roosters but nobody crows??
that's how I found BYC looking for answers on how to determine fertility of eggs . Heneretta went to brood on one egg, same day found the other nest with 26 eggs from my roosters??!!
and found where my drake had been laying his eggs!!!poor heneretta sat on that egg a month before I figured out no roosters or drakes so no COCKADODLE HERE.
Found neighbor who had some fertile eggs and was good enough to give me three, poor thing been at it for almost 2 months now hopefully next Monday I will have a rooster.!!!

So hope you got some good belly laughs from this story, I have at present 8+2 of the sweetest happiest girlfriends a man could ever want, they free roam not by my choice but theirs. and at least 3 times a day have to be chased out of the KITCHEN!! and on occasion , from the wife s bedroom they love her also getting 6 eggs a day and 8 every other and 2 duck eggs.
Welcome to BYC!
you were the lucky one - most people buy pullets and end up with a ton of roosters they can't get rid of and end up having for dinner. Glad you like your girls.
Welcome to BYC
Love the
intro! And, though I usually say the opposite to members: Hope you get a rooster! LOL I can't believe you didn't get a single male...

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