Cockatiel with injured eye.


7 Years
Jul 29, 2012
One of my lovely hen cockatiels, on inspection this morning, looked slightly more alarmed than usual on my entry into the aviary. I couldn't understand why I thought she looked strange. After lots of examining involving even more millet, I realised it was because one of her eyes was hugely rounded compared the other. I had a closer look, and realised her right eyelid had been pulled downwards, and her eye was slightly bloodshot. It looked uncomfortable, but she wasn't closing her eye or scratching at it, so I guess it must have happened in a squabble between her and her sister.

I suspected my lovebird, Muffin, but they are never together without my supervision, and I'm pretty sure if Muffin had done it, the injury would be a lot worse. Her eye didn't look injured, just irritated, and there was no blood, the eyelid was just a slightly different shape. What do I do? I'm not sure i can do anything really. Should I separate her from her sister? I wouldn't like to since they are always together, even though do 'beak-duel' at every opportunity.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks guys.

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