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    First of all, I have cross-posted this on a number of yahoo groups and on BYC so I apologize if you are seeing this numerous times - just want to spread the word about some very cool cockerels that I am rehoming. I am located in Orinda, in the SF Bay Area, and these must be picked up - no shipping this time of year. All birds have been hand raised by me, given lots of good food and love, and all are vaccinated for Marek's. I have attached a few pictures and can send more if someone is interested.

    1. Barred Cochin - 3.5 months old. Acquired as a baby from Concord Feed, originally from Privet. Very sweet and cuddly - FREE
    2. Wheaten Ameraucana - 3.5 months old. Hatched at my house from a beautiful blue egg from "cpartist" on BYC. - $15.00
    3. 4 Silver Seabrights - may be willing to sell a pullet also, if someone wants a pair. - 3 months old. Acquired as babies from Concord Feed, originally from Privet. - FREE
    4. Buff/Mille Fleur Project Bantam Cochin - 8 months old. This bird has fantastic type and will make a great foundation roo for a mille fleur cochin project. Hatched from an egg from Bluff Country Backyard Chickens (Nancy Krohn) - $15.00
    5. 4 Mille Fleur Project Bantam Cochins, aka the bukka bukka boys because the run around as a pack calling "bukka bukka bukka" at any hen that can't get out of the way fast enough. Absolutely fabulous colors. All are very friendly and put up with lots of handling. 6 months old, hatched from eggs from Bluff Country Backyard Chickens. Great for a mille fleur cochin project, or just a bit of eye candy to romance your girls - $10.00 each
    6. Mille Fleur Project Bantam Cochin - very good type and good mille fleur pattern - hoping to find him a home with someone who is working on the mille fleur project - 9 months old - Hatched from an egg from Bluff Country Backyard Chickens. $20.00.
    7. I also have one young Mille Fleur Project Bantam Cochin pair - These two are very bonded and have to go as a pair. 3 months old - hatched from eggs from PhoenixFeatherFarms on BYC. - $35.00.

    Please send me an email if you have any questions, want to see additional pictures, want to give me a piece of your mind for taking up so much space, or have decided that you absolutely must add one of these wonderful little boys to your flock.

    Thanks so much,
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