Cockerel Behavior


6 Years
Feb 3, 2018
I have two cockerels; a 6 month old Orpington and a 5.5 month old Bielefelder. The Orpington is the leader of the flock (for now). The Biel tends to stay away from him or moves away if the Orp walk his way. I also have 1 Orp pullet and 6 Biel pullets which are all the same age relative to the breed (5.5 and 6 months)

I have noticed that if you pick up one of the pullets the Biel is the first to "growl" if they make any noise. The Biel is also the first to notice any predator concerns (ground and air). The Biel is quick to call the girls over if he finds any goodies to eat. The Orp is a bit lazy or less attentive.

The Biels roost separate from the Orps

If the Orp mounts any of the Biels the Biel cockerel will come over and grab the Orp by the neck to try to get him off. Once the Orp has been moved off the Biel goes back to being submissive to the Orp. If the Orp mounts the Orp the Biel really doesn't care. My coop is 8x10 with a covered run of 8x16 and another open run of 8x32.

My question is will more hen to cock ratio change the behavior or is there some breed loyalty my Biel has to his Biel pullets? I hope this makes sense.
I think the dynamics will change, the Bielefelder will eventually assert himself as the top, he sounds like he is going to be a good roo, but only time will tell.
Very interesting observations, and well documented/explained.
The males interactions sound great, you may be able to keep them both.
They are still pretty young tho and so that may change.
They may still be 'loyal' to their 'sub-flocks' rather than breed.

Adding any birds will likely change things dramatically,
how the males, and females, will react is anyone's guess.
Usually all the existing birds will 'attack' any new birds 'invading' their territory.

What are your goals....
Do you want to breed pure breeds, both Orps and Biels?
Have 2 males for 'protection'?
Thank you all for your input

I think my goals have changed from my original plan. I bought them from a local breeder with the plan of having two roosters for genetic diversity but as I watch them develop I question my plan.

I don’t love my Orps. They aren’t as friendly as my Biels and I feel I will reduce production using the Orp roo over my Biels. I like my Orps build and feel he could add some size. The boys are both big but build type is significantly different. The other thing I don’t like about the Orps is having a dirty behind due to being so “fluffy”. My Orps are not great free rangers but the Biels are great free rangers.

I am thinking of adding some CCL , BCM , BBM and SFH to add some egg color. Which are other breeds my breeder offers.

My goal is to have good layers , that have size and substance with friendly temperaments.

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