Cockerel Crowing At 9 Weeks?!


10 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I was out in the chicken run giving the chickens more good, when I heard a strangled crow from behind me. Then I see Mocha, my 9 week old EE trying to crow again! Salt is our only other cockerel who is also 9 weeks.

I have never heard of a cockerel to crow at 9 weeks, what your opinion?
Nine weeks is pretty early, but not impossible, but here are people on BYC that claims theirs crowed at three weeks, I also want to know what they feed their chic's. maybe it will help my hen's to start lay at three weeks
My leghorn crowed 2-3 times around 7 weeks of age. My cochin cockerel is 13 weeks old and he hasn't made a peep.

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