Cockerel hates white breeds?


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Oct 5, 2011
Is this possible

Black rocks and bluebelle not sure if you have them in the US ( ) only get the occasional peck, but my two light sussex pullets (25 and 13 weeks) are getting beaten up badly.

He literally chases them down pecks and kicks at them until they squat will carry on pecking and kicking the head and comb until they fly away.

He is indian game x light sussex ironically so a bit slower than the pullets.

Ever heard of this before? No it's not a establishing a pecking order thing, he's not trying to mate either because when they squat he never tries to mount stand face to face and attacks
I have raised chickens for many years and have seen this behavior. In my experience (9+years) with different breeds, I find this behavior extremely rare. He might just not like the hens. He might except other hens of the same color, or he might hate the color all together. He is showing dominance and that he will not except them. If you remove them for awhile, then reintroduce them he might change his mind, but I highly doubt it. Right now he will kill them (or try to) if they stay together. He might want what he thinks is the best brood to copulate with, and the hens might not reach is expectations. This behavior does not mean that he is not a good rooster, but that he is picky.

Edited to say: Are they all pinned up together? If so, 13 weeks is kind of young to be in with adult chickens. They might get beat up or killed with no difference of what color they are.
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The 13 week pullets have their own coop and run for wet and windy days right next to the layers. Atleast until they reach the same size and weight then start integrating.

It's when their all out free ranging he can get close to them.

He's always chased them away but he's started attacking them the last few days which is the problem, I was thinking of spraying the with blukote to see if its a colour issue
Roosters have their favorites and their not-so-favorites. For example, my Delaware rooster hates the Barred Rock hens, especially one in particular. He'll chase her away from the feeder, literally stomps his foot at her. He's a sweet, sweet rooster, good to the girls generally-he just doesn't particularly like the BRs. I peered down into his face after one of them almost bowled me over getting out of his way the other day and said, "Hey, Ike, have you looked at your own tail lately, buddy??"
Who knows what goes on in their little walnut brains anyway?
I think sometimes they just don't like some of the other birds. We had a NH rooster that did not like the Black Star hen that was with him, except to beat her around and try and have his way. She would never spend any time with him or the other hen as a result. Not even for warmth at night.

Is there any way you could alternate the times of when you let the birds free range? Perhaps let the rooster and "his" flock out for one part of the day, then put them back and let the younger girls out? It would keep them from mixing and him from chasing them down.

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