Cockerel Introduction


Sep 30, 2019
United Kingdom
Have read threads about introducing cockerels to the batchelor pen - I currently have 5 boys, 4 who already live together with a feisty leader. I want to add Percy to the mix - a little younger by a couple of months - when I introduce, am happy to put together and keep an eye on and watch the outcome (fingers crossed) - if things a bit tricky should I leave them together overnight or should I seperate at night then add in again next day? Presume if not a blood bath leave together but otherwise....any advice welcome.
Put the newbie in a separate cage or close off a section of the run for him, so that the birds can see and get used to each other for a few days.

When you introduce the new boy to the coop, just watch and see. It's likely the oldies will pick on the newbie. Make sure he has places to hide, such as roosts in the run, a barrel or cooler or whatever else you have around.

If the picking gets to be too much, like all of the oldies attacking and pursuing the newbie, back into the cage for a few more days, and then try again.

Eventually things should work out.

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