Cockerel... or just a very handsome pullet?


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Nov 10, 2015
I'm super new to chickens so bear with me and I'll try to provide the info I can: I was given two pullets (we thought) 6 weeks ago. The guy said they were 2-3 months old and from the same clutch of eggs from an Araucana hen and a Rhode Island Red rooster. I'm wondering now if one is a cockerel? S/he is lowest in the pecking order but growing fast. She's very sweet, not very bright, and likes to either hang out with me or the other pullet. Our hen terrifies her but doesn't hurt her. She hardly talks at all at this point. I looked for the beginning of spurs and each leg has a slightly raised lighter spot about an inch up from the ankle. I tried to get a photo but she was not having it. You can kind of notice in in the chicken-butt pic below.

I wasn't planning on keeping a roo but I'm quite attached to this little nutball. Whaddaya think?

Side view:

Partial side/front:

Showing off:

Full frontal glory:

Not sure what you can tell from this pic but it cracks me up! Chicken butts are pretty cute.

Here she is with her sister. They look quite different!

Flowing hackle (neck) feathers; thin, shiny, pointed saddle feathers; and a darker shade of red on his wings/shoulders than the rest of the body are all indicators of a cockerel. Just look at how different the feathers are on the back. Your pullet has broad, rounded back feathers.
Junebuggena - Very helpful, thank you! Not what I want to hear but helpful all the same LOL

nchls school - oh no! Amazing how quickly they change on you! I think two of our three 'pullets' were actually roo's. Considered ourselves sad but kind of lucky when the other one was snatched by a hawk.
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