Cockerel ? please help to confirm


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May 24, 2012
Raynham, MA
I received 2 chickens the beginning of March and was told they are RIR's and both females. Now 3 months later I'm starting to think one of them, my Molly (now Mol), is a cockerel. I hope the pictures I post are helpful enough to help me. Also I'm thinking they are not RIR's. I bought 2 more from a reputable grain company near home and they are true RIR's. I think Mol and my other hen are WelSummer's. Is this a true bree and can someone help me identify if Mol is for sure a cockerel? please and thank you

thank you to all who answered. i have looked at other pictures and she is Molly.

do you know if chickens mimick other animals? 2 or 3 of them sound like they are honking or's hilarious

Molly, Dolly, Wuzzy and Fuzzy

Ms Molly

Wuzzy (blurred), Fuzzy and Dolly

here are the crazy girls a little older...omg i didn't know chickens could have such personalities

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