Cockerels behaving badly..(keeping more than one)

Ruby Rogue

Mar 31, 2020
Atlantic Canada
Okay maybe just one cockerel and maybe not 'badly'...

... I'm starting to believe my beloved little Georgia peach is a cockerel. I still love my little Georgie porgie. I caught him grabbing on and holding on to the back of my prettiest little pullet's neck scruff. They are 7 weeks old today.

Will 3 roosters in a small flock cause issues if the roosters are all kept isolated from the hens? Would it work to divide the coop/run with chicken wire? Will the boys still fight over the girls if they can see but not touch?


Broody Magician
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12 Years
May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Sometimes rooster flocks work, and sometimes they don't. There is a greater chance that they will work if they are isolated from the pullets/hens.

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