9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
I am a rooster FANATIC. I mean I'm absolutely CRAZY about roosters. Theres just something about them that I love. Anyways. I have 45 chickens. Mostly hens. But I have like 6 or 7 roosters. Maybe more. Not sure yet. But anyways...they've started fighting a little and I wanted to know if there was a way to prevent this. They've gotten better about it hough and they don't so it often. Were they fighting because they were establishing the pecking order or what? This spring I plan on buying an assortment of cockerels from a hatchery(25 cockerels.) And Is that gonna be one huge mistake or will I be able to control them? I don't want them to fight.
It seems like in the fall roosters seem to fight alot more for some reason, I have almost lost a few due to fighting too much.
Most of the time they all get along though.

I would not suggest getting 25 roosters ... unless you think you can handle that many.
I think if you are going to keep 25 roosters, you will have to keep them separately (away from the hens) in a bachelor pad. Even still, I'm not sure there wouldn't be a bunch of fighting. We had 3 roosters in a bachelor pen, and the head roo became a bully, chasing the others off every time they tried to eat. You might need a lot of pens.
Maybe someone else on here has done something like this.
Honestly - You should be fine with having a lot of roosters, just as long as you have a big enough yard (do you confine them or free range them?)

Before I moved all my boys to a bachelor pad, I had over 20 roosters all mixed and mingling with my hens. . . Only had one disagreement, which actually wasn't a fight - Just a chase. As I always say, just as long as they're raised together. . . They should do fine. If you have someone who's got an unstoppable problem, I'd say just get rid of him.

Now, to answer questions before asked - I moved mine to a bachelor pad to do purebred programs, not because of problems among the boys.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

Humm, what hatchery would ya be getting them from?

Most likely McMurray. I know alot of people have something against them but honestly, I don't care as long as they're healthy and happy.​
We have 32 acres. We free ranged for a long time but recently haven't been due to losses from predators. But now that its cold most of the predators have gone for the winter so it should be safe now.

Ahh, ok. Well. I think I'm gonna go ahead and try this then. Thanks for the encouragement.

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